System Requirements:
- unused, fresh installed copy of Level Editor
- installed Stuffit Engine (for (de)compression, usually installed with Stuffit together) [>> download]
- Mac OS 8.6-9.2 (should be running well on OS X in classic mode)
- 5 MB free space on harddrive

Support us:
Tomb Raider LevelManager is a free tool for every Mac-user. So it has no buildt-in Popup-windows which open on every start of this tool, remembering you to pay shareware-fees.
If you want to support us, the LevelManager and it's future developement please send us about €15 / $15 (in a dark/black envelope) to Flooo "Canubis", Stauffergasse 47, 1140 Wien, Austria. As a regard your name will be in the AboutBox of a future version because you are helping us continue to develope the LevelManager.