...we too!
So write us your ideas, feature requests and anything else for upcoming versions of the LevelManager.

If you find a bug, please mail us too and write us a little description of the bug and what you did when the bug appeared. We're going to try to fix the bug for an upcoming version.

Support us:
The LevelManager was a lot of work and took much time of the last months. However, this tool is made for every Mac user, who likes to spend his time with Lara together, especially playing Costum levels.
This is the reason why the LevelManager is totally free. There are also no awful PopUp windows while the start-up or somewhere else...
But to everybody who likes this tool und finds it useful: Please feel free and support us: Send us about€15/$15, your name and your email-addy to the following adress (in a black/dark envelope, please) and we'll set your name into the Aboutbox of the LevelManager. So everybody can see that you are supporting the LevelManager.
Flooo "Canubis"
Stauffergasse 47
1140 Wien