If you had choosen the automatic install in the assistant, you just can start just right now, playing the Original Eidos Level.
But if you want to play another one, or no level is still installed, just select the level you'd like to play in the level list on the left side. Click the button "Install" in the symbolbar or choose "Install" in the "Level"-menu in the menubar.
The choosen Level is now being installed und all the files of the level, which was installed before are moved to a save place to get access to them later.

Supported features:

  • auto-converting of .tom-files into the playable .tr4-type on very first installation of a level
  • if there is more than one language-file, the one you have selected in the Preferences is used; if there is no one available at all an alternative one is used (also chooseable in Preferences)
  • screenshots and savegames of the most recent played level are imported automatically
  • if there are no files like script.dat, uklogo.pak, title.tr4 in the new level the alternative one are used (to be choosen in Preferences)
  • right handling of sound- and music-files; if there are already some with the same name those are saved to a secure place instead of overwriting them
  • much, much more...